VDS Windows: renting a virtual VPS server

That only high performance - for your comfort!

Launch remote computers to work efficiently. Increase productivity and accelerate your business growth.
Automatic servers deployment in 3 minutes. Fast, anonymous and convenient.

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The most actual hardware
Features of One Dash
Direct KVM virtualization is used, which allows for autonomous operation for your comfort.
Nothing extra
There will be no unnecessary actions - after starting the server, you will receive instructions on how to connect and use it.
The required set of programs is already installed.
Round-the-clock of all virtual servers will help you fully automate processes.
We use the most popular operating systems that support remote access from almost any device, including a phone.
Possibilities of our service:


Average time to start the server ~1.3 minutes


All data and sessions are encrypted.
It's safe - no one else has access but you.


The available period starts from 7 days.


All instructions and commands are available - we get rid of the routine.


We use cool SSD drives, a dedicated network and powerful equipment.


Only high-quality servers.
We are for quality work.
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Minimal configuration for testing and low-resource tasks.
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PRO setup.
Suitable for most workflows.
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For serious business. Maximum performance for maximum productivity.
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Rent on day
Have questions?
Find answers in F.A.Q:

Is it possible to run VPN or proxy on RDP?
Yes, there are no such restrictions on servers.

What is the minimum and maximum rental period?
7 to 120 days.

Are there admin rights on the server?
Yes, you will be given a administrator account. And only you use this server, no one else can.

What does VPS/VDS/Dedicated/RDP mean?
These are synonymous words for a dedicated server for remote use.

What is the average download and upload speed?
~300 Mbps download and ~200 Mbps upload.

Do I need some kind of network setup or installation of additional. programs?
No, the network is already configured on the servers and some set of programs is installed.

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